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Discovered in Minneapolis, Minnesota in the mid-80's, this group of brothers and sisters hit the music scene as teenagers and soared to the top of the charts with hits like "Crush On You", "You Got It All", "Make It Real", and "Rocket 2 U", to name a few, under Universal's MCA label. These songs are still in rotation on radio stations across America today.
Originally from the island Kingdom of Tonga in the South Pacific, The Jets have an International appeal that attracts fans scross the United States, Asia, and Europe.
The group disbanded in 1997 as members married and started families of their own, but after 25 years from their debut album, The Jets reunite to celebrate their 25th Anniversary with a new album of original songs, new re-mixes of four of their top ten hits, and a documentary "Making It In America", which drops nationwide in the Fall of 2012!

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